The Farm – Redlands

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The Farm – Redlands

The Wellington Point Strawberry Farm is known to the locals as the best place to buy your fruit & vegetables. The owner’s lifetime dream of developing this site into a café restaurant and a market hall retail outlet was made a reality in 2021. The Farmhouse Restaurant & Café is surrounded by paddocks of fresh produce that travels only meters away into the Chefs kitchen and onto the plate of guests. Situated only a short distance from Brisbane City it makes the perfect escape for anyone who wants to get away from the hustle and bustle of urban life. a peaceful retreat, a romantic getaway, or a place to enjoy with family and friends, the Wellington point Farmhouse is an excellent choice. With its charming atmosphere, fully fenced and fully licensed lawn, and convenient location, it’s a hidden gem not to be missed.

3Wood Hospitality was fortunate enough to meet the owner soon after a potentially project ending business breakdown with the proposed Head Chef. Re-designing the café and restaurant was only part of the challenge at The Farmhouse, as we also now needed to find a new chef to launch this dream. 3Wood Hospitality assisting with all parts of the development of the Coffee Café (opened first) and then the restaurant including design plans, council and liquor license approvals, fitout construction, kitchen and bar equipment, recruitment and operating and opening procedures. It really has been a legacy created and one that 3Wood Hospitality is very proud to have been involved.  


Client Name: SUMVISTA Pty Ltd

Date of Completion: October 2021