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Site Leasing

The establishment of your commercial property lease is one of the most important decisions for your business.

With rent (along with staff costs) potentially being your biggest business overhead, getting the commercial lease terms and conditions right could make or break your business.

3Wood Hospitality is an independent party to all lease negotiations and is best placed to know what to look for in a lease, and more importantly what to look out for. With rent being only 1 of 15 points for negotiation, let 3Wood Hospitality ensure all are addressed in your favour.

3Wood Hospitality can work closely with a proven and reputable commercial leasing solicitor (provided by yourself or recommended by us), to provide advice on the commerciality of the lease. So while your solicitor will negotiate legal conditions of the lease, 3Wood Hospitality can provide feedback or negotiate directly (on your behalf) all of the commercial lease terms including rent, term length, inclusions, restaurant fitout allowances and many other elements.​