Our Services

3Wood Hospitality offers a range of services to new and existing hospitality businesses

Site Selection

Position, position, position! The number one rule in commercial property. The big question is, can your business afford that position and what will it cost you to establish it there?

3Wood Hospitality has the industry connections and property knowledge to assess, compare and comment on what your property options are.

3Wood Hospitality assess all sites based on the following;

  • Market demand
  • Client need
  • Competition
  • Cost per M2
  • Negotiability with the landlord

3Wood Hospitality can provide site selection advice on a ‘one-off’ site

project basis or based on assessing multiple sites at once.

Site Leasing

The establishment of your commercial property lease is one of the most important decisions for your business.

With rent (along with staff costs) potentially being your biggest business overhead, getting the commercial lease terms and conditions right could make or break your business.

3Wood Hospitality is an independent party to all lease negotiations and is best placed to know what to look for in a lease, and more importantly what to look out for. With rent being only 1 of 15 points for negotiation, let 3Wood Hospitality ensure all are addressed in your favour.

3Wood Hospitality can work closely with a proven and reputable commercial leasing solicitor (provided by yourself or recommended by us), to provide advice on the commerciality of the lease. So while your solicitor will negotiate legal conditions of the lease, 3Wood Hospitality can provide feedback or negotiate directly (on your behalf) all of the commercial lease terms including rent, term length, inclusions, restaurant fitout allowances and many other elements.​

Design & Planning

3Wood Hospitality has the knowledge and industry experience to ensure your hospitality business not only looks great, but that the design is also functional, cost-effective and most importantly, operationally sound.

3Wood Hospitality will work directly with your chosen designer to ensure all technical aspects have been considered upfront and before finalising designs.

3Wood Hospitality provides an independent perspective when reviewing your design and plans will give you the peace of mind that it is money well spent.​

Manage Fitout

3Wood Hospitality is the expert in project managing your fitout process, ensuring that it is delivered in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Using well respected and experienced restaurant or hospitality fitout contractors, trades and suppliers 3Wood Hospitality will work with you to:

  • Source and evaluate itemised fitout quotes/estimates
  • Coordinate the fitout project plan and timeline
  • Monitor the fitout progress and standards (& progress payments),
  • Finalise the fitout review/ defect identification and make goods/ site handover.

Business Planning

Failing to plan is planning to fail. With the hospitality market and consumer demands evolving faster than ever, isn’t it time you reviewed your plan to ensure your longevity?

3Wood Hospitality has the industry experience to review your hospitality or restaurant business. We will ensure that it is operationally ready every day and is best placed to move well beyond financial viability to long term success. Having a fresh set of eyes review your business can present small differences to generate continued success.

3Wood Hospitality provides a comprehensive mystery shopping and detailed business operational review program which will assist your business to perform at its optimum.  ​

Business Development

If you are looking to grow your hospitality or restaurant business, open more outlets or just consistently review and improve what you have, 3Wood Hospitality provides development programs to assist.

We’ll work with you to identify your goal. This could be to maximise your $ turnover and operating profits, or have your business operate more effectively to fit in with your lifestyle.

3Wood Hospitality works with both individual hospitality or restaurant businesses, and groups/franchises providing ongoing business development support.

As a cost-effective alternative to putting on a full-time employee to oversee your business development plans for the future, 3Wood Hospitality fills this role perfectly.