JosIf’s Barber Shop – Brisbane

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JosIf’s Barber Shop – Brisbane

Josefi’s Barber Studio emerged from a collective passion to give the best experience and result in barbering. This professional grooming and styling service offers only the highest of quality in skilled staff using high quality products. With a touch of modern contemporary design, the barber studios provide old fashioned service in an environment aimed at the modern man.

3Wood Hospitality was quick to highlight that these modern barber studios were very much a hospitality venue. It all about being in the people industry, providing services and products for your customers and giving them a reason to return time and again. 3Wood Hospitality was able to not only work with their design team and fitout builder, and also assist in the business structure for financial success and future growth.       


Client Name: PARIS BARBER SHOP Pty Ltd

Date of Completion: October 2019